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February 1, 2023

Web3 Welcomes More Women Players

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37% of crypto owners globally are women.
You could not imagine what it’s like without women in web3.
More females in web3 mean more players, various products, and a complete ecosystem.

17 powerful female figures in crypto you should know:

1. @Melt_Dem

Meltem Demirors is the Chief Strategy Officer of @CoinSharesCo.
She has invested in over 250 companies in the digital asset ecosystem.
She teaches at Oxford and is actively involved in crypto education

2. @maliha_z_art

Maliha Abidi is the woman's rights activist behind the NFT collection "Women Rise." @WomenriseNFT
Her short-term goal is for 100,000 girls to gain crypto, blockchain, and Web3 knowledge by the end of 2022.

3. @MariaShen

Maria Shen is a partner on the investment team at @ElectricCapital.
Maria was CTO and co-founder of a startup that helped SMBs easily create their supply chains with manufacturers around the world.
She is interested in talking to women, minority, and immigrant founders.

4. @starkness

Elizabeth stark is a co-founder and the CEO of @lightning.
Over 300 firms are building on Lightning Lab's technology.
She is also a fellow at Coin Center, a leading nonprofit that engages in cryptocurrency policy issues.

5. @_kinjalbshah

Kinjal Shah is a general partner for @blockchaincap and a co-founder of the @KomorebiFund.
Komorebi Collective raises money from the blockchain community to help more women and non-binary people enter the crypto market.
She's also part of the women-focused angel investment group Broadway Angels.

6. @CaitlinLong_

Caitlyn Long, CEO and founder of @CustodiaBank.
As a wall street veteran of 22 years, she successfully pushed the lawmakers in Wyoming State to enable blockchain legally.

7. @iam_preethi

Preethi Kasireddy is the founder of @DappCamp_.
DappCamp equips Web2 developers with skills that will make them ready for Web3 in three weeks.
She also educates people about web3 technologies

8.  @heyibinance

Yi He is a serial entrepreneur, known as @binance's co-founder and chief marketing officer.
She says 35% of the managerial team at Binance features women.

9.  @laurashin

Laura Shin is a crypto journalist.
She launched her own podcast @unchained_pod, and told the cryptocurrency story in her book "The Cryptopians".
The journalist was named the Most Insightful Journalist during the 2016 Blockchain Awards.

10. @TaschaLabs

Tascha Che is a macroeconomist and tech entrepreneur who specializes in technology investing.
She is a in-depth researcher into the crypto market, providing info on web3 trends and blockchain.
She is also the founder of @soundwiseinc, 1st mobile focused audio publishing platform.

11. @natbrunell

Natalie Brunell was an Emmy Award-winning TV reporter when she stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2017.
She is the host of Coin Stories podcast & @HardMoneyShow.
She interviews thought leaders in finance and Bitcoin.

12. @girlgone_crypto

Lea Thompson started her crypto journey on @steemit, the first social media on Bitcoin.
She later launched Girl Gone Crypto, in which she creates educational videos to make cryptocurrency enjoyable.
She has more than 34,600 TikTok followers and over 15,600 YouTube subscribers.

13. @gaby_goldberg

Gaby Goldberg is an investor at @tcg_crypto, focusing on investments in consumer and crypto.
Joining Twitter in February 2020, she now has more than 71K followers.

14. @MishadaVinci

Misha da Vinci is a web3 founder of @FutureotWorld, using technology to design better lives for humans.
She also has a hands-on course for non-techies.
She empowers users with the skills, network, community, and roadmap for a career in web3.

15. @digitalartchick

Artchick is known for calling attention to female creators, artists, and collectors.
@FortuneMagazine describes her as a powerful and rising voice in the world of NFT.
Funfact: she never replies to DMs, even those from Fortune.

16. @ljxie

Previously as a product manager at @Coinbase, Linda Xie is co-founder of @scalarcapital.
Through Scalar capital, she has created $20M to support blockchain companies in exchange for tokens.
She appeared at 2019 list of @Forbes Under 30 Summit.

17. @itskac

Kelly Ann Collins is the CEO and founder at @VultLab.
It is an award-winning digital transformation agency, working with people and brands at the intersection of Web2 and Web3.
She is also named the top businesswoman by @TheIncMagazine.

18. As we celebrate female power, we know we can’t do web3 without them.

We also cover “the rise of women in crypto” last year:


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