11 Web3 Gaming Tools To Use

August 21, 2023

Don’t Just Play Games, Make Web3 Games.

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Although the bear market has been going on 
for quite a while, venture capital firms didn’t stop pouring money into web3 games.

@animocabrands was the leader in this space, investing in 61 projects, followed by @ivcryptofund with 30 and @shimacapital with 29.

Here are 12 web3 gaming tools to check out:

1. Stardust (@Stardust)

Stardust is a unified API that allows developers to manage both players and NFTs in-game and is designed especially to make developing around blockchain functionality much easier.

2. PL4Y (@PL4Y_IO)

PL4Y builds community and user tooling around the best-in-class web3 games to help them increase their user base, engage with their target audience and retain interest in the long term.

3. Ankr SDK (@ankr)

Ankr SDK provides game development toolkits to developers looking to implement web3 capabilities on existing or new games and is compatible with leading gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

4. Arcadia by OP Games (@OPGames)

OP Games is where developers build the future of Web3 gaming, one block at a time. Developers can bring their existing web2 games, or make new games from scratch in Web 3 space using Arcadia’s platform technology.

5. Superb (@SuperbPortal)

Superb’s mission is to provide an onboarding experience that is as simple, fast and secure as starting any traditional game, with the added benefit of having all your Web3 assets securely at your disposal no matter what game you’re playing.

6. NFT Play (@OortDigital)

NFT Play is a platform, where game players can explore different 3rd-party games, concerts & experiences. With one click users can borrow different NFTs and join any experience.

7. Trikon Ecosystem (@Trikon_official)

Trikon - a sustainable community-driven ecosystem for users & developers around gaming 
& web3 space. Trikon is the world’s first decentralised game hosting & distribution platform, where they are transforming the way users access games & Web3 services while enabling the true creator economy.

8. Flair (@FlairSDK)

Flair is a web3 SDK that saves months of development work for Web3 games and dApps. Flair offers open-source, scalable and customizable smart contracts, simple SDK/API 
and a handy dashboard.

9. Raindrop (@only_raindrops)

The Raindrop Protocol is a series of five a la carte contracts that govern on-chain or proof-on-chain data specifically for games, allowing any player or item to be interchangeable with any game client that can process them.

10. Bitspawn (@BitspawnGG)

Bitspawn offers the ability to link the competitive aspects of gaming with NFTs and a decentralized structure. The platform is built around the SPWN token, which is primarily used for rewards when gaming, as well as a progression-based mechanic that can be built into games.

11. ChainSafe Unity SDK (@ChainSafeth)

ChainSafe Unity SDK allows Unity game developers to take advantage of ChainSafe's web3 infrastructure and develop games built off of decentralized protocols.

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