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"Great design and amazing content! It's pretty easy to read and really fun design. it's really turning on your entrepreneur soul. The analysis hitting to the spots. One of the best subs I have!!"

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"A newsletter I'm actually looking forward to reading? Exciting haha!"

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"I loved the last few articles on decentralization! They inspired me to learn more into DeFi ๐Ÿ’ฐ"

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"Smart! Hustle's great but somedays I can't stand to read through all the text"

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"Woohoo very excited about this launch and looking forward to receiving the newsletter! I'm really looking to see how the synergy sparks between the two spectrums of the target audiences (founders + investors). I can definitely see more extensions beyond the newsletter as well."

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"Love the idea and the product looks amazing. Keep up the great work, Matt!"

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