18 NFT Predictions by Chris Cantino

March 16, 2022

Take a look at NFT's future

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If you are looking for thought leaders in Web3, Chris Cantino is the person you should know!

Chris Cantino is the co-owner of Color Capital, investing across consumer, commerce, media, and marketplaces. Remarkably, his insights draw 100K followers’ attention on Twitter, that’s something.

One of his top tweets is about the future of NFTs. Here is what he said 👇

1. Vertical marketplaces

NFT marketplaces will be more DTC (Direct-to-Customers). The decentralized codebases eliminate the 3rd party and realize better user experiences.

Larva Labs and Solana Monkey Business did this.

2. “Soulbound” NFTs

NFTs can be used for non-transferable elements...like identity.

Your ID, diplomats, or driver's license can become soulbound NFTs.

3. Retail

NFTs can stimulate offline sales, by helping drive traffic to storefronts.

Burberry has partnered with Mythical Games to sell NFT accessories in the game Blankos Block Party.

4. Borrowing platform

The usability of NFTs drives the market for short-term lending.

Rollbit offers NFT loans for people who own certain NFT collections.

5. NFT Indexes

Listing NFTs via indexes will boost the communities and market liquidity.

Scalara NFT Index will track performances of NFTs.

6. Legalization

Web3 legal services and contracts are evolving fast, keeping spam in distance.

NFT lawyers at Richt provide clients with NFT Law services.

7. Services

NFTs will unlock access to services and hobbyists.Q&As and tutorials with influencer chefs, photographers, doctors, and niche enthusiastic communities will boom.

8. Content Submission

Users will submit content like art, videos, and reviews. In return, they will get NFTs as rewards or as copyrights certificates.

9. Activism

NFT Communities that support political causes will gain traction as millions flow into community wallets.

A storytelling platform Lioness sells NFTs for bringing attention to a social issue or to an individual story.

10. Social feed marketplaces

Social feeds related to NFT collections will evolve into social commerce marketplaces. Reviews and analytics about NFTs attract more readers.

Coinbase plans to blend the social media and NFTs, providing users a place to share.

11. Multiplayer

Collecting NFTs is going to become a team sport. Activities like MMORPGs and airdrops are forming groups in Web3.

12. Collateralization

Collateral markets will burgeon with more investments in crypto. It will promise flexibility and liquidity for NFT holders.

13. Fractionalization

NFTs will be split up into more individual shares. It means more liquidity for the markets!

14. DeFi

NFTs will become base DeFi assets. They can be access to communities or investments in communities.

DeFi project Rarible offers an NFT marketplace focused solely on creators.

15. Loyalty Exchanges

NFTs are rewards for loyal members of communities. Members in turn mint and purchase NFTs. Tokens are more liquid than traditional discount codes.

16. R&D

Brands and creators will exchange NFTs for insights on product development. The NFTs will help brands maintain customer relationships.

17. Customer cohort NFTs

Cohort NFTs prove that you took a certain action at a certain time. For example, one will receive an NFT for being the first Air Jordan buyer.

18. Leaderboards

NFT communities will reward top contributors. To secure better returns on their investments, members will hold and actively participate.






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