20 Web3 Service DAOs

December 7, 2022

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Web3 organizations operate differently.
Service DAOs have emerged to support the changing landscape.

Here are 21 service DAOs to know:

Development DAOs

1. @RaidGuild

“A Decentralized Collective of Mercenaries Ready to Slay Your Web3 Product Demons.”
RaidGuild is the premier design and dev agency of the Web3 ecosystem.
Services include consultation, full stack dev, design sprint, and marketing.

2. @theindiedao

IndieDAO is home for expert designers & developers for web3.
It offers professional services for app design, development, illustration, NFT projects, DAO products & tools, DAO & token design, and much more.

3. @dOrg_tech

an autonomous collective building decentralized infrastructure and applications.
dOrg provides development services to products.
They have earned $6M on-chain revenues with 65+ customers.

Design DAOs

4. @zypsycom

it’s Ownership-based design collective for web3 founders
Zypsy combines product & brand building expertise with early-stage investment principles.
They take a startup from obscurity to scale.

5. @VectorDAO

A collective of designers, artists & developers contributing to web3.
They’ve built new org structures that contributors seamlessly earn equity and tokens for their work.

6. @deepwork_studio

Deep work is an autonomous and permissionless product design studio in web3.
“Create high-end design in as little as 7 days.”
With 20 active designers, they completed 65 projects in last 4 months.

Audit DAOs

7. @0xMacroDAO

Macro DAO provides audit service.
Impressively, 75% of macro audits are repeated customers.

8. @code4rena

They are top auditors competing to keep high-severity bugs out of production.
Code Arena starts a public or private audit within 48 hours.
and @AaveAave are their customers


Spearbit is building a more scalable model for Web3 security.
Their security engineers have experience on every part of the blockchain technology stack including protocol design, smart contracts and the Solidity compiler.

recruiting DAOs


They are a Web3 educational collective and career launchpad.
It has courses designed to onboard the next generation of professionals.

11. @tecmns

Token engineering focuses on holistic systems design and the theory, practice and tools for tokenized ecosystems.
The TEC is advancing the field of token engineering.

12. @wgmicommunity

WGMI educates community professionals & leaders in the Web3 space.
They build a community, host boot camps, workshops and events for members.

Management DAO

13. @llama

Llama is a community that works with DAOs on protocol engineering, treasury management, and analytics.
They aim to grow the DAO economy.

14. @Wildfire_DAO

It’s a meta-governance DAO helping projects tackle tokenomics, governance, growth, & more.
It focuses on DeFi, Public Goods, Creator Economy, & Infrastructure.

15. @banklessconsult

From strategy to execution, they help DAOs and more traditional organizations thrive in web3.
Bankless Consulting leverages a community of over 19,000 web3-native members with diverse skill sets and backgrounds.


16. @StoryGuild_

Community of storytellers, marketers, designers, and PR experts, helping projects tell their story.
It is a community that provides public relations, marketing, and communications support to the Web3 world.

Community DAO


It is a decentralized Web3 content marketing agency DAO
CRE8R DAO works with DAOs to Create Bespoke Content Marketing Campaigns.

18. @TheMetaFactory

It is a decentralized culture factory building the open metaverse.
They focus on crafting products & experiences that travel seamlessly between digital and physical worlds.

Legal DAOs

19. @lex_DAO

They research, develop and evangelize first-class legal methods and blockchain protocols.
Lex DAO strives to balance new deterministic tools with the equitable considerations of law.

20. @twalixyz

Twali empowers web3 projects across a range of verticals to help you achieve your goals seamlessly.
Their services include legal counsel, accounting, marketing, product strategy and human resources.

Key takeaway:

People work in diverse modes now.
They head to the trend of Decentralization and autonomy,
like DAOs function.
All companies might become DAOs one day.
Services for DAOs will be in great demand.


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