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January 25, 2023

Master Crypto with Top 21 Newsletter

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Reading web3 newsletter gives you an edge in crypto.

Top 21 newsletter recommendations in 2023.

1. @MilkRoadDaily

Period: Daily

Daily crypto news with 50% crypto and 50% fun.
Funny takes on crypto news, Milk Road covers all kinds of crypto topics - reflecting the market sentiments.
They got acquired after 10 months.

2. @BanklessHQ

Period: Daily

Deep-Dives into protocols, industry news, and crypto analysis.
If you want to understand DeFi, this is a must.

3. @withsmoothie

Period: Weekly

Deconstructs crypto trends, concepts, and news with visual storytelling that is easy to consume for the masses.

4. @TaschaLabs

Period: Random

Writes on macroeconomics, blockchain industry and tokenomics. Subscribe to develop an understanding of where the world is going.

5. @TPan_Web3

Period: Daily (almost)

70% Crypto - 30% Fun... this is one of my favorite web3 publications.
In-depth breakdowns of concepts, projects, and crypto news with great personality and humor.

6. @alpha_pls

Period: Weekly

5 curated alpha tweets every Friday to consume over the weekend.

7. @OnChainWizard

Period: Random

On-chain analysis and Crypto project deep-dives in a simple and easy-to-understand writing style.

8. @decryptmedia

Period: Daily

In-depth Web3 news & analysis. Also features "Meme of the Week" section for the degens

9. Unqualified Opinions by @MessariCrypto

Period: Daily

Top insights and research reports by the crypto market intelligence firm. Also, shares curated news from other media sites.

10. @thedropnft

Period: Daily

Curated content explaining NFT projects and news. Follow this newsletter if you're investing in NFTs and hunting for Airdrops.

11. @thedefiedge

Period: Random

Become a better DeFi investor by learning from high-quality analysis and research. Also, shares investing philosophies and psychological tactics to improve your investment strategies.

12. @ReveloIntel by @NickDrakon

Period: Daily

Comprehensive ‘Project Breakdowns’ with thorough fundamentals, flow charts, use case, tokenomics, and reasons why they might be successful... in bullet points.

13. @WTFCrypto_

Period: Tue/Thu

Weekly curated news analysis and TLDR making crypto easy to understand for the beginners

14. @web3academy_

Period: Mon/Wed/Sat

Web3 explained in simple terms (huh ...when was crypto complex?)
Crypto learnings and success stories for web3 beginners.

15. DeFi Fridays by @brew_defi

Period: Weekly

Every Friday, learn about DeFi protocols, news and best tweets on DeFi.
Their product Brew Money, a self-custody wallet recently launched on @ProductHunt and on @withsmoothie where 600+ people upvoted for them.

16. @thedailydegenhq by @rektdiomedes

Period: Daily @thedailydegenhq

Market updates, biggest price movers, biggest TVL movers, top stablecoin yields, new protocols
- if that's what you want to know, join this newsletter.

17. The Ranch by @llama

Period: Every 2 weeks

Learn about DAO news, insights and opportunities to get involved with DAOs.

18. Delphi Daily by @Delphi_Digital

Period: Daily

Institutional grade crypto analysis and research on digital assets, NFTs, DAOs, and the macros.

19. The Ape Enclosure by @blocmatesdotcom

Period: Mon/Thu

Latest crypto news, project TLDRs & industry insights for the professional degens.

20. @NFTevening

Period: Daily

Free, 5 minute daily newsletter with a unique view on the world of NFTs.

21. Web3 Weekly by @a16zcrypto

Period: Random

In this newsletter, a16z team delivers hot topics, deep analyses and ideas in web3 and the future of internet.

Key takeaway:

  • Newsletters are a great way to learn and understand crypto in easy way
  • Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, spends 80% of his day reading.
  • Whether you’re a crypto beginner or an expert, there’s a newsletter to level up your skills.


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