33 Crypto Communities You Should Join

March 9, 2022

Starting Crypto with the Right Community

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The world of crypto is fast paced. It can be difficult to find your place to start. To simplify your journey in the space, here are 40 communities that you should join!

Crypto Learning Communities

Are you new to Crypto? If you are, here are 6 communities to join and upgrade your knowledge.

NFT Communities

NFTs are the next big thing in the crypto space. These communities are a great way to start, learn, and grow with.

Women Empowerment Communities

If you are interested in connecting with other females, non-binary individuals, or others in the Crypto space, here are a few great communities to join!

Web3 Builder Communities

If you’re eager to learn and contribute on Web3 building, take a look at these communities.

Gaming Communities

Web3 Gaming is changing the old ways. Involving blockchains, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, if you’re interested, join these communities.

Key takeaway

The world of crypto can become overwhelming.

You can optimize your experiences by joining communities that share the same interest, wants, and needs!


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