5 Dashboards for Analyzing NFTs

October 12, 2022

Do data analysis for NFT trading

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What are the next big NFTs?

Dune Analytics has 30K+ free dashboards to analyze trends.

Here are 5 dashboards you have to know:

1. First, What’s @DuneAnalytics?

Dune is a data platform that ingests difficult-to-access blockchain data and makes it accessible via a SQL database.
It’s also a tool for blockchain research.

2. Basic building blocks of the Dune:

Dashboards: Visualizations and text that tell a story about blockchain data.

Queries: Commands that extract data from Dune's database, you can run queries to start your own analysis.

Visualizations: Charts and Graphs that turn data into easy visual form, like @withsmoothie teach hardcore crypto knowledge by easy-understanding image!

3. 5 dashboards to look at when you trade NFTs:

Volume Tracking of specific NFT
It’s the straightforward sign: popular NFTs or not.
low volume = hard to sell
high volume = hard to buy

3.1. Timing of sell & buy

Every day you check the trend with NFT dashboard:
When it’s lower than average = more sellers, you can buy the NFTs you are targeting at.
When it’s higher than average = more buyers, you sell the NFTs you own.
This chart tells you which projects are trending down to the hour.

Trending Projects

Getting the latest trends means you could get in on the ground floor before it gets explode.

3.2. Filter the potentials projects of the past few hours

Check health metrics: trend and fluctuation.
Do the fundamental research: OpenSea page, founders, twitter followers.
If all the info check the “looking good” box, you put it in the watchlist.

Opensea Top Traders and their collections

All learning starts with imitating the best.
Here is the board you learn where smart money flows to.
You will get an idea of where whales are moving and what might be trending.

3.3. Pick the projects, make your list

Sort by the number of buys in the last couples of days.
Go through the projects on the list one by one.
Add them to your watchlist if they look interesting.

Floor Price Visualizer

This dashboard shows the whole history of floor prices movement,
while Opensea shows only the real-time price.

3.4. Watchlist perfection

Scroll through the blue chips, especially those have major dips.
Check a volume dip as well.
If both of the tests pass, add the project to your watchlist.

Project Analysis

Get into the research after you have a watchlist.
This dashboard show every relevant metric to you, FREE!
Look through it before you make a buying decision.

3.5. DYOR

Enter in the contract address and check metrics:
• Pieces per wallet under 2
• Good unique ownership ratio
• "Buy nows" trending up
• On a dip, not a pump
• Holders over time going up
If they all tick the boxes, you are pretty much good to go.

4. This thread is inspired by @NFT_GOD, follow him to learn more web3 tips.

Here is the original thread:

Key takeaway:

People get spam all the time, but numbers won’t lie.

Data and insights have long been “expensive” and “enclosed”, produced by enterprises and consulting firms.

Projects themselves like @KlimaDAO will go on Dune to show their values.

Now with Dune analytics, web3 people can get data-independent.


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