6 Steps to Creating Successful NFTs By Wilson K. Lee

May 4, 2022

How to Create Successful NFTs in 6 Steps

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The most valuable NFT is worth up to $91.8M.

As of 2021, there are around 360,000 NFT owners.

However, only 9% is contributing to ~80% of the market value (Financial Times and Chainalysis).

Interested in creating your own NFT? Read this.๐Ÿ‘‡

Who is Wilson K. Lee?

  • Wilson is an entrepreneur and a very well-known business branding development strategist.
  • He aims to make Web3 a better place for everyone by sharing his tips, tricks, and experiences!

The Steps

Identify Your Niche

  • NFT isnโ€™t always about the art. Itโ€™s about filling a void in the marketplace.
  • Who do you want to target?
  • Once you know who you are targeting, how do you want them to feel?
    - BAYCs aims to make their holders feel trendy
    ย - Cool Cats are wholesome

What is Your Mark?

  • NFTs are still growing.
  • They started with art then collectibles, and now gaming. What will your NFT provide to the market and what will it become?
  • Donโ€™t think copy paste!
  • #Crypto + #NFTs = All About Innovation

Team Assembly

Keep in mind that one person can execute several roles in your team. Just make sure the workload is workable for the person.

- Artist - generation of the art
- Gen artist/developer - random image generation
- Backend developer - smart contract
- Backend developer - mint site
- Front end developer - mint site
- Community manager - discord/twitter management
- Marketer - collaborations and outreach
- Founder - cheerleader/waterboy


  • Time for the project > 2 months
  • Set a launch date and add 2 extra weeks to that
  • Double-check, triple-check, check and check.


  • Usually a Flat Rate or Percentage of Sales
  • Development: 10-30% of sales or ~$50k-100k
  • Art: ~$10k-50k (depends on style & effort)
  • If you are confident that you will sell out, consider a flat rate. If you arenโ€™t, go with percentage of sales.


  • This is where you get your word out. How do you plan to do so?
  • What tactics are you going to use?
    - Hype
    - FOMO
    - Scarcity
    - Brand collaborations
    - Influencers
    - Contests
    - Paid
    - Build in public
  • You can use more than one marketing tactic, but make sure it provides value.

Whether you want to create NFTs for fun or to earn money, remember these 4 things.

Be honest with yourself and just be a good person.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate!

Always deliver VALUE.

And finally, build your community and trust!

Good luck!

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