7 Facts about Crypto Investing

April 18, 2023

Where did the crypto money go to in 2022?

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There was $26.8B+ in blockchain funding in 2022.

Here are 7 crypto investing facts from @CBinsights:

1. Web3 startups took up 56% 
of global blockchain funding 
in 2022, up from 39% last year.

NFTs, gaming, and metaverse were the main drivers of growth.

2. 81% growth in funding to infrastructure & development.

It was the largest category in funding, with $7.8B raised by startups

providing scalable and interoperable solutions for blockchain networks.

EU had most funding, while US had most deals.

3. Funding in crypto exchanges and wallets saw a 48% decline.

Dollars flowed away from centralized exchanges

but towards more differentiated verticals like Web3 and blockchain infrastructure.

4. Institutional crypto and custody also saw a 23% drop in funding

Institutional demand for crypto decreased amid market volatility.

Top equity deals go to @ambergroup_io, @CopperHQ,and @KeyrockTrading

5. 47% yearly growth in funding to Asia-based companies.

Four of the 8 global $100M+ mega-rounds in Q4’22 went to Asia-based companies: @ambergroup_io, @FenixFireGames, @Mineplex, and @orfinex.

6. In Q4 of 2022, only 2 unicorns were born.

@Uniswap and @CelestiaOrg

79 Unicorns in 2022 in total.

7. 24% Drop in average deal size in 2022.

The average blockchain deal size fell from $21.2M in 2021 to $16.2M in 2022.


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