7 Strategies for Web3 Marketing

July 18, 2022

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Web3 marketing is different.

It’s enabled by crypto and true ownership for users.

Here are 9 strategies for web3 marketing:

1. Community first

Community is at the core of web3 products.

Never stop listening and engaging with the community.

Perspectives in the scene are dynamic and evolving, so it’s important to stay in the loop.

2. Social graphs

@CyberConnectHQ and @LensProtocol are building the "social graphs" of web3.

They are coherent account models, helping users to follow people on all platforms.

Users own their social presence.

Eg. If someone follows your Instagram account, they’ll also be your followers on Twitter!

Projects can expand their network with social graphs, as audiences from multi-channels can gather to one.

3. Whitelisting

Crypto projects create whitelists to attract users.

Based on certain actions, users are rewarded (usually with tokens or an NFT).

However, too many web3 projects are using this to grow their audiences.

Whitelisting is becoming oversaturated.

4. Bounties & Credentials

Bounty platforms like @layer3xyz reward users when they complete specific actions.

Web3 startups can pay these platforms to list bounties (ie. trade on our DEX)!

This becomes a growth channel for them.

@ProjectGalaxyHQ also helps scale early-stage startups with NFTs and OATs as incentives!

Its 2M customer base allows projects to set marketing campaigns with web3 credentials.

5. Content is still king

Content is still one of the best ways to attract organic traffic and provide value.

Creating quality content that is relevant to your target audience will help you get noticed and establish trust.

You can check out smoothie’s newsletter to learn crypto with visual storytelling:


6.Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations help projects reach a new audience by exchanging them.

Look for projects that complement your own and see if there’s an opportunity to work together.

For example, @aavegotchi partners with popular games and NFT projects to co-create unique Aavegotchi experiences.

7.Smoothie Awards

We just launched Smoothie Awards!

It’s a discover-to-earn awards platform for web3 projects.

Sort of like a Product Hunt for web3.

Learn more here:


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.




Key takeaway:

Web3 marketing is still a new concept.

Be bold and creative to unlock more potential of web3 marketing 🔓






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