AI Meets Crypto: A Game-Changing Confluence

June 16, 2023

AI Meets Crypto: A Game-Changing Confluence Catch up on the trends with these AI x Crypto applications.

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Unfolding the AI and Crypto Alliance: A Revolution Unseen 🌐💡

Understand the symbiotic relationship between AI and Cryptocurrency and how this alliance can transform your reality.

Join us as we unveil the unseen.

1. Decentralized AI marketplace:

Projects like @SingularityNET and @GraphGrail combines AI and blockchain to create a decentralized marketplace for AI services.

It allows people without a technical background to construct their own applications for natural language processing.

2. Smart Contracts & AI

Smart contracts with AI are smarter.

Adding Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML) capabilities to smart contracts will allow them to evolve into more complex and intelligent systems, they can make decisions based on real-time onchain data, rather than the static code written when they were first programmed.

AI bridges smart contracts to real-world data.

@chainlink’s Oracle Network enables smart contracts on Ethereum to connect with real-world data & AI-powered APIs, which provide analytics of real-world sensors, sentiment analysis, or generative models.

AI enables ease of use.

Moreover, AI-assisted development tools such as @GitHubCopilot. It allows users to create and manage smart contracts even without special technical knowledge. The productivity of smart contract developers will increase greatly.

3. AI & Market Trends Prediction:

Companies like @coin_signals use AI to predict crypto market trends.

Large-scale analytics can use sophisticated machine learning models, aka AI models, to harness the vast sets of data generated on-chain.

AI models could help optimize calculations for algorithms that are used in the consensus process in blockchain systems.

4. AI & Trading Bots:

Products like @3commas_io offer AI-powered crypto trading bots that automate and optimize trades.

a. With AI, routine tasks like payments and transactions could be automated using Web3's financial tools. Think of it as your digital assistant for Web3 economics!"

b. Users can adopt AI-powered automated investment strategies in DeFi.

5. AI & Security

AI models and blockchains can help reduce attack vectors. Companies like @elliptic and @chainalysis use AI to identify illicit activities in crypto transactions.

Decentralized infrastructure can act as encryption-backed guardrails for AI systems. It helps reduce the possibility of misusing AI for adversarial behaviors.

AI can help protect on-chain and off-chain activity.

@AnChainAI analyzes transactions, smart contracts, and risk profiles.

It has recently signed a deal with the SEC to help monitor and regulate the US DeFi (Decentralized Finance) industry.

6. AI & NFT

AI tools like MidJourney and Stable Diffusion, can be a big boost to NFT worlds.

@real_alethea launched CharacterGPT, an AI NFT project. It will give you the ability to turn text into original interactive characters.

Holders can train the AI, customize the personality, and use it in dApps within the Alethea ecosystem.

AI can help create NFT

@satoshilabs launched an AI-powered NFT generator for its marketplace @mooarofficial. The AI tool can turn selfies into NFT gold.

7. AI & Metaverse

AI could be your metaverse friend.

@webaverse introduced moemate, an AI-powered companion.

AI can create the NPCs in games.

@The_Delysium is a play-to-earn MMO game with “AI Metabeings.”

AI metabeings are NPCs with an AI flair. They can interact with games like users and can earn tokens.

8. Sam Altman's Worldcoin

Yes, the co-founder of OpenAI, company which built ChatGPT, thinks blockchain can help!

@worldcoin is a minimalist wallet designed to help you prove you're human in the age of AI.

It has world ID, a unique digital identification system, aiming to prove your "personhood" - if you’re a human or a bot.

World App has two functions:

1. For those without a World ID, it's a sleek crypto wallet.

2. For verified World ID users, it serves as a digital passport for AI-era apps and services.

World App’s Beta is a huge success.

Smoothie’s Takeaways:

AI is changing all walks of lives, and there is no going back.

More AI x Crypto collaborations are coming.

Let’s grasp the trend and swim upward.


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