Why Is Building A Startup Now Like Lego? Because Of The API Economy.

August 17, 2021

How APIs are making it easier and faster for founders to build tech companies.

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Creating a startup nowadays is like playing with Lego. And each lego piece is an API. 83% of web traffic is now API.
What is an API? Application Programming Interface. APi is a software intermediary that allows different applications to communicate.
Here's an example. Uber needs a map in their app for drivers. But Uber can not write all the code for this. So it uses the Google Maps API. Now Uber has a high quality map.
API changed how we build. Before, you had to build everything yourself. If you wanted your customers to pay, you had to code the entire payment section. Now you can do it in minutes with Stripe's API. There are APIs for everything. Accounting, data management, privacy, communication, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce.
What does this mean? We're in a new era where you can spend less time writing code for everything. Simply connect with different APIs. Like Lego. So now Uber can use Google Maps, Stripe, AWS, and Twilio.
We predict that API use cases will continue to grow and fuel the low-code movement. APIs will also become easier to implement.
4 API Opportunities. API enables as the picks and shovels of the API economy. Kong helps companies manage their APIs. Salt Security protects APIs. RAPI API is a marketplace. Niche API. API Blockchain decentralizes the API economy so that there is no single entity that owns the data. information would be trusted and free flowing. You can also become an API consultant or specialist.
Companies to watch: Twilio, Plaid, Segment, Spruce, Nylas, FalconX, Dock.io, Kong, Rapid API, Alpaca.


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