B2B in Crypto World

May 25, 2023

What are B2B opportunities in web3? πŸ’°

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What are the B2B opportunities in web3?

Some of these ideas were inspired from @alliancedao’s list of startup ideas!


Let’s jump right in. Here are 8 startup ideas you can get started with:




1. Onchain data analysis

Develop tools & services for analyzing onchain data.

Target various user segments and datasets, like NFTs and DeFi.

Create easy-to-use APIs and no-code platforms for diverse needs.


2. Payments over crypto rails

Stablecoin users are growing steadily.

Facilitating B2B crypto payments will be next step.

  • Solve accounting & tax
  • Smart triggers for payments
  • Permissioning: secure & seamless

Leverage stablecoins like USDC and USDT for seamless transactions, less reliance on banks.


3. Productivity tools

Privacy & anti-censorship will be top priorities.

No more web2 companies like Github and notion to rule the co-working space.

A web3 notion, web3 google drive = Tools to reshape work & collaboration


4. Onboarding Web2 companies & traditional brands

Help web2 companies transform into web3.

  • Navigating Web3 for Starbucks to Disney 🎒
  • NFT minting, token-gate access, loyalty programs πŸ’‘
  • Custom solutions for Web3-nativeness 🧩

5. Supply chain management

Blockchain brings transparency, tracks goods & prevents counterfeits.

@vechainofficial & @origin_trail are leading the way.


6. Identity verification

Blockchain-based ID solutions enhance security & privacy.

The issuers of verification credentials will be in great demand.

Check out @civickey & @evernym.


7. B2B DeFi platforms

More businesses are opting for decentralized finance,

like virtual credit cards and fast payments

@paystand offers cashless, frictionless B2B payments in web3.


8. Web3 marketing solutions

PR, Social Media, Community & More.

Many products are swamping into web3.

They need help to grow their community.

Like @coinboundio, @ninjapromoio, and @blockwiz_global.




Smoothie’s key takeaways


  • Crypto B2B has massive potential.
  • Embrace blockchain tech for better efficiency & cost savings.
  • Regulatory clarity is crucial for adoption.




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