Crypto Companies 
Are Profiting, Finally

August 17, 2023

Here are 6 winners from the last quarter.

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A bunch of crypto-centric companies just dropped 
their quarterly figures,

and they're lighting up the scoreboard!With the crypto market's roller-coaster ride, 
it's no wonder they're seeing some exciting 
revenue jumps.

But here's the 
million-dollar question:

Is this the dawn of a new era or just a fleeting moment of sunshine? 

What's your take?

Here are the 6 winners 
from the last quarter:

1. MicroStrategy (@MicroStrategy)

The Bitcoin behemoth is back 
in the profit game.

Their Q2 report is glowing thanks to Bitcoin's price rocketing (despite BTC tickers showing a dip to $29,373).

Boasting a whopping 152,800 BTC by July's end, they’re among America's leading corporate BTC holders.

Last year, the deficit was $1.1 billion. They’ve pulled a U-turn, netting a cool $22.2 million this year.

2. Block (@blocks)

The maestro Jack Dorsey's venture, too.

Beating the odds, Block saw a 34% YoY Bitcoin revenue bump.

By Aug 3, the stats were dazzling: $2.4 billion in Bitcoin sales and a tidy profit of $44 million, up by 7% from last year.

Overall, revenue got a 25.6% lift, leaping from $4.4 billion to $5.53 billion.

3. Coinbase (@coinbase)

The pioneering US crypto exchange surpassed all forecasts.

They dropped a $663 million in net revenue on Aug 3. And get this: non-trading revenue outshined trading revenue for the first time, clocking in at $335.4 million.

Sure, revenue saw a 10% dip compared to Q2 2022,but the game's changing, and they're securing their top spot in the US, trimming their losses below $100 million.

4. CoinShares (@CoinSharesCo)

European digital asset champ CoinShares is on a roll with a 33% YoY revenue surge.

Yet, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows;they faced a 25% drop in asset management fees.

Still, Q2 profits reached 5.3 million pounds 
($6.76 million), bouncing back from a 0.6 million pounds ($0.77 million) loss in 2022.

5. Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp)

The fintech company made its history.

For the first time since their grand debut, Robinhood's Q2 report is painted in black, showcasing a net gain of $25 million.

6. Tether (@Tether_to)

Introducing the issuer of USDT - the most popular stablecoin.

Tether's Q2 Attestation Report is out 
and it’s a whopper!

  • Solid Profits: They've seen a 30% rise, bringing operating profits to just over $1B for the quarter. For context, BlackRock, a global asset management leader, reported $1.6B.

  • High Liquidity: About 85% of Tether's reserves are in highly liquid forms, primarily held in cash and cash equivalents.

Tether has become the most profitable company in crypto…

  • Excess Reserves: They've accumulated a substantial $3.3B in excess reserves, derived from retained profits, serving as an additional financial buffer.
  • U.S. Treasury Holdings: Tether's commitment to U.S. Treasuries is impressive at $72.5B, surpassing even some countries like Australia, UAE, and Spain.

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