Crypto Predictions in 2023

January 18, 2023

What’s Next in 2023 Crypto?

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Are you ready for the wild ride of crypto predictions in 2023?

Buckle up👇🏻

Top 10 trends in the cryptocurrency market:

1. ETH keeps its strong momentum after the merge.

CoinLedger CEO @David_Kemmerer predicted ETH would rise to $2,500 in early 2023,
even as the crypto winter freezes other cryptocurrencies.
ETH will even outperform BTC, but not flip it.

2. BTC’s dominance rate will fall

Many like @matthew_sigel and @VanEck_US predict a record low for BTC in Q1.
BTC will drop to $10,000–$12,000 “amid a wave of miner bankruptcies”.
But it will bounce back to $30,000 before 2024.

3. $SOL will not go to 0.

@milesdeutscher: The development ecosystem and community is too strong for that to happen.
The SOL token price has increased by around 78%.
Even though 2 top Solana NFTs @DeGodsNFT and @y00tsNFT are leaving for ETH and Polygon, Solana finds its way to survive.

4. Less infrastructure, more apps, says @withmattkim

Web3 innovation bounces between “apps” and "infrastructure.”
Last year, there are mostly infrastructure.
And next, users will be the focus, according to Matt.

5. A less volatile crypto market

@VitalikButerin predicts that the crypto market will settle down, and “be only about as volatile as gold or the stock market”.
The existential uncertainty about crypto has been mitigated, leading to a steady price.

6. More regulations needed to save CeFi

The failures of Celsius, Voyager, Terra Luna, and FTX are not bad luck.
Messari crypto founder @twobitidiot commented “Centralized lending is now mostly dead, and will be for a while.”
He predicts more legislation and regulation are to reopen crypto lending markets.

7. A bitcoin-like future for NFTs

@twobitidiot compares today’s NFT market with that of bitcoin in 2013.
The “bubble” causes a big market crash one day.
But for the 10-year trajectory, the overall market will be 100x+.
@AmitMukherjee predicted that generative art NFTs will increase mainstream adoption.

8.  A bloodbath for crypto startups

Co-founder of @nansen_ai @ASvanevik predicted that
1. tech salaries come down
2. tech job titles deflate
3. a few raise new rounds.
4. startups of 21/22 run out of money

9. A strong year for stablecoins

“Stablecoins will be an important new tool for monetary policymakers,” Cato Journal predicted.
The technology on its own generates the liquidity, without the need for leverage.

10. Web3 social network is the next thing.

Numerous projects and companies are building their “web3 social media” hubs.
Like @desoprotocol, @takiapp, @snapmuseio, and @Binance feed.
They use different approaches to bring social media to web3 technology stack.


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