Everyone is Wrong About the Metaverse

June 8, 2022

A tweet that helps you understand metaverse better

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Shaan Puri is an entrepreneur and investor.

He is the podcast host of @myfirstmilpod.

He even sold his company Bebo to Twitch for $25M dollars!

One of his tweets about the metaverse got 11.5K+ retweets.

Here is what he said.

1. The metaverse is not a virtual place.

It’s not a virtual world, like @Minecraft and @Roblox.

2. The metaverse is a TIME.

A moment in time.
In artificial intelligence, there's a term called "the singularity".
It's a moment in time when AI becomes smarter than humans.
The moment when artificial intelligence > human intelligence. (for images)

3. The metaverse is the moment in time where our digital life is worth more to us than our physical life.

This is not an overnight change. Or an invention by some steve-jobs type.
It's a gradual change that's been happening for 20 years!

4. Every important part of life is going digital.

Work --> from factories to laptops. boardrooms to zooms.
Friends --> from neighbors to followers. Where do you find like-minded people? Twitter, Reddit, or Discord.
Games --> more kids play @FortniteGame than basketball & football combined.

5. You can decide your digital identity.

Identity --> filters are the new makeup.
Stories are your personal billboard to broadcast who you are.
What you look like in real life VS what you look like on Instagram, the latter matters more.

6. You have your assets online, too.

@BoredApeYC are the new Rolex.
Fortnite skins are the new skinny jeans.
If everyone hangs out online all the time, then your flexes need to be digital.

7. In two decades, the metaverse will become life!

Our attention has been sucked from physical to digital.
And where attention goes, energy flows.
If 50% of our attention is on our digital screen, then 50% of our energy will go to our digital life.

8. Full attention to the digital world?

Soon, some companies will make smart glasses that sit in front of our eyes all day.
We will go from 50% attention on screens to ~90%+
That's the moment in time when the metaverse starts.Because at that moment, our virtual life will become more important than our real life.

9. What do you think of the metaverse?

Is this a good or a bad thing?
All we know: It will be a very different thing.

Key takeaway:

The metaverse concept is mind-blowing, even got Facebook to change its name to Meta.

And what’s your idea about the metaverse?


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