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May 2, 2023

We made an Airdrop Package for you.

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Not just $ARB, many airdrops are going on.

First, you will have to identify the truly “valuable” ones:

1. @LayerZero_Labs may airdrop $ZRO

They had a trading boost in March 2023.

And they raised $170M from @a16z, @Sequoia, and @BinanceLabs.

2. @zksync may airdrop US$30,000

ZkSync raised a total of $458 Million.

But it started to grow in March, quite new in the game.

3. @Scroll_ZKP may airdrop $SCROLL

It has had a stable user base over the last month.

The project raised $80 million from the biggest VCs in crypto @polychain, @sequoia, @variantfund etc.

4. @SuiNetwork may airdrop $SUI

6% of total token will be for Sui Community Access Program.

It raised $336M from @a16z, @jump_, @BinanceLabs, @coinbase.

5. @Starknet may airdrop $STRK

Their users and trades boosted in March.

Starkware raised a total of $282.5M in funding, with its valuation worth $8B.

6. @LensProtocol may airdrop $LENS

The lead investor of Lens Protocol is @FTX_Official 🤔

But their MAU data looks quite healthy, despite the FTX trauma.

7. @fuel_network may airdrop $FUEL

Fuel Labs raised $80M in a funding round led by @blockchaincap and @stratosxyz.

Their market data is untrack.

Here are the dApps on the Fuel network:

What does airdrop do:

A good airdrop not only distributes tokens.

In return, it creates network effects and builds strong communities.

check out more on network effects:

A lot of airdrops are ongoing 🎯

Keep an eye on their performance: trading, users and prices.

Bet on the best ones!


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