Will AI Create The Next Generation Of Startups? The Answer Is Yes.

August 24, 2021

Artificial Intelligence’s impact on how we write, code, and communicate.

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3 Startup Opportunities with OpenAI's GPT-3
I taught myself everything I know just by reading the internet! Yes, artificial intelligence wrote that. It almost seems like a human wrote it. It's a new AI called GPT-3.
What is GPT-3? Generative Pre-trained transformer 3. It's the newest AI developed by a company called OpenAI. It has one purpose. Predict the next word in a sequence of words.
This AI learned by consuming a large collection of data online.
For example, you can start writing an article about "the importance of financial literacy". And it will write the rest of the article. Even with just the title!
GPT-3 can also code!
You can write an input and it will provide the code to make it happen. Github Copilot uses a version of GPT-3 called Codex to turn natural language into code. Your AI Pair Programmer.
We predict that there will be many startups built on GPT-3. There will be an increase in negative use cases. It sometimes uses harmful language. There will be new versions of GPT-3 but with images. It's called DALL-E.
GPT-3 can open up many opportunities for startups. We are still at the beginning of the AI revolution. But it's going to be big. And startups will be able to take advantage of this. By building products that solve problems with AI.
OpenAI, founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk. Flowrite. Viable.
Github Copilot, AI pair programming uses OpenAI's Codex AI. Copysmith or copywriting.
GPT-3 Opportunities. Use GPT-3 for your content. GPT-3 can already write tweets, poetry, and summarize text.
GPT-3 education. AI can learn based on your writing samples. Imagine a world where a Warren Buffet AI can teach you about investing!


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