Loyalty & Referrals In Web3

August 31, 2023

Loyalty & Referrals have evolved beyond punch cards.

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Loyalty & Referrals have evolved beyond punch cards.

In a world valuing customer stickiness, digital strategies are the new gold standard. Harness them for powerful organic marketing, engaging your existing user base like never before.

But hang on a sec: is this the new golden ticket for businesses or just another fleeting trend on the horizon? 

Ready for a deep dive?

What is "Loyalty and Referrals"?

The new-age twist on an old-school tactic.

Designed to track and reward loyalty, they're sparking a revolution in customer engagement.

Offering perks, discounts, and a slew of other incentives, they're all about turning customers into brand ambassadors.

The goal? Boost retention, rake in referrals, and cement that brand-customer bond.

Web3 Products with Loyalty and Referrals:

Imagine decentralized loyalty systems, tokens as rewards, and referrals via smart contracts.

They dropped the mic with the promise of more transparency, control, and incentives directly for the users.

Here are 'Loyalty & Referrals' 
products to watch:

1. ChainVine (@chainvine_xyz)

Launch your web3 referral program in minutes.

ChainVine is a SaaS offering that enables web3 businesses to spin up a referral marketing program in minutes. Businesses that build with ChainVine will also be able to opt-in to benefiting from ChainVine's community of affiliates.

2. loyal (@loyal_web3)

Redefining customer loyalty in web3, loyal is building the first end-to-end platform for web3 based customer loyalty.

Companies are using outdated loyalty programs in an evolving Web3 based world. With the Loyal App, companies can make use of digital loyalty cards with NFC technology.

So far, they have over 600 locations and 20.000 downloads, which are now smoothly integrating into web3!

3. Qwestive (@qwestive)

A web3 referral/affiliate marketing platform, Qwestive enables Defi, Marketplace & NFT projects to setup web3 native referral/affiliate programs like the one GMX built for themselves (GMX got $10.5B referral trading volume).

4. THX Network (@THXprotocol)

Through the THX Network, decrease customer acquisition costs and grow lifetime value with #ERC20 and #NFT tokens Token/NFT powered loyalty in any app or website!

5. Sparkwave (@sparkwave_xyz)

The web3-native loyalty platform to acquire and retain users.

Sparkwave is an on-chain loyalty and referral platform that organically increases web3 sales by rewarding recurring customers and users who invite friends!

6. Fuul (@fuul_xyz)

Fuul enables web3 companies to build affiliate, referral, influencer and media-buying partnerships.

Streamline partner discovery, tracking, and payouts in one platform.

7. WOM (@WOM_protocol)

WOM uses word-of-mouth referrals as the n°1 metric for success! Consumers are 5x more likely to purchase on the basis of a trusted recommendation than a paid ad.

8. Sharemint (@sharemint_xyz)

ShareMint enables Web3 projects to launch a referral or affiliate program easily.

Connect with 1M+ web3 users and partner with top influencers and brands in their affiliate network, boosting your reach and conversions.

9. Affiliate DAO

Within Affiliate DAO's Discord server lives the affiliate marketing industry's most exclusive mastermind group of legends from the affiliate marketing world.

10. Glow Labs (@glowlabsxyz)

Glow Labs lets users automate the loyalty reward distribution programs while increasing retention and community engagement.

Once setup is complete, your customers can immediately start earning points on their loyalty card. Save time, improve retention, and engage with your community.

11. Utilify (@utilifyxyz)

Utilify is a no-code web3 loyalty tool that your grandma can use. Curate your community, reward loyal customers, and experience the power of the ownership economy on the blockchain.

12. Brand Connector (@TokenScript)

Brand Connector is a simple website tool that lets any brand customize content, offers, or rewards to any NFTs in any user wallet. Brand Connector allows brands to connect NFTs to experiences or offerings via websites or loyalty programs and helps NFT collections to partner with brands via a simple website bridge.


Transform customers into lifelong loyalists with TYB's play-to-earn community platform, where engagement is rewarded & redeemed for perks.


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