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November 1, 2023

How to safeguards your crypto.

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I'm excited to announce that we released Quests!

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Matt & Vineet

What is Saferoot?

Saferoot is a platform that safeguards your crypto and NFTs by intercepting dangerous transactions in real time and instantly moving your assets to safety.

What can you do with Saferoot?

With Saferoot, you can lock down valuable NFTs to prevent them from leaving your wallet.

You can also set spending limits to protect your wallet from being drained by malicious actors.

Saferoot is used by active web3 citizens who are active on multiple chains, have combined assets of over $10,000, and likely have an ENS or Unstoppable domain as their identity.

Saferoot has been audited by top-tier auditors Halborn and Linear Authority. Both audits are open-sourced.

Check out their intro video on Smoothie.

How to use Saferoot?

  1. Wallet Connection: First, connect your cryptocurrency wallet to Saferoot.
  2. Asset Selection: Choose the assets you wish to protect with Saferoot's services.
  3. Safeguard Assignment: Assign the type of safeguards you'd like to set up, such as spending limits or asset locks.
  4. Smart Contract Deployment: Deploy your own user-owned smart contract that acts as the security hub for your assets.
  5. Approval Assignment: Finally, assign the necessary approvals to your smart contract for backup asset transfers, should a risky transaction be identified.

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User Reviews

“Saferoot is by far the best way to secure your on-chain assets. This should be a standard feature in every wallet, period. It's easy to set up, easy to use, and gives peace of mind in knowing my assets are safe from hacks and malicious contracts.” - Christian

“Although Saferoot is a new system, it looks like it will open a new era in the cryptocurrency world if it works properly. Why use Saferoot? When you make a suspicious transaction through any wallet (the most used Metamask) or when there is a suspicious connection to your wallet, it immediately intervenes, stops your transactions and uploads your assets to its own secure cloud.” - BlockCC

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Jake - Skilled technical lead and senior software engineer with prior experience at Sonos and Microsoft. He specializes in distributed computing and has been active in the blockchain space since 2017.

Frankie -Served as a General Manager for Entrepreneur First, and launched over 50 venture-backed companies, including crypto startups like Merkle Science and Propine Capital.

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