The 24 Best Crypto Learning Resources

April 20, 2022

Learn The Web3 Ecosystem With These Crypto Learning Resources

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There is 100+ crypto content out there.

But most of the learning happens on just a few of them.

Here are 24 of the best crypto learning resources you should know.


  • Smoothie: Deconstructs the best crypto trends with visual storytelling.
  • Milk Road: Your smart, no bs friend who tells you about the most interesting stuff going on in crypto.
  • The Defiant: Content platform for DeFi, NFT, Web3 and Open Economy insights.
  • CoinDesk: Stay informed about how bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and digital assets are transforming the global financial system.
  • Odyssey: Onboarding 1 million people to web3 with quality web3 education.
  • Not Boring: Web3 and Startup Strategy, but not boring.
  • Decrypt: Demystifying Bitcoin, Ethereum and the decentralized web.
  • Coinbase Bytes: The week’s biggest crypto news, sent right to your inbox.
  • Forefront: The latest scoop on social tokens, NFTs and DAOs.


  • Bankless: One of the best podcasts to discuss crypto news and insights.
  • Modern Finance: All things cryptocurrency/blockchain - new coins, NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse.
  • The Pomp Podcast: Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano talks to the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin
  • WAGMI: Discussions about coins going up and down.
  • Crypto Campfire: Pull up a chair, grab a beer, and talk crypto.
  • Crypto 101: podcast, news source, and community of Crypto Crusaders on a mission to take control of their future.
  • What Bitcoin Did: Interviews with leaders in Bitcoin.


  • Whiteboard Crypto: Crypto education using analogies, stories, and examples so you can easily understand them.
  • Finematics: Educational videos on DeFi (Decentralized Finance).
  • BitBoy Crypto: The place where you can get the latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice.
  • Data Dash: One-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies and financial markets
  • Ivan On Tech: All about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology
  • Coin Bureau: Go-to informational portal to the Cryptocurrency galaxy
  • Max Maher: “I'm here to drink coffee and teach you how to make money... and I'm all out of coffee.”
  • Brian Jung: Crypto & finance education. On a journey to help millions of others achieve financial success.

We know, we probably missed a few. There are just too many!

But more importantly, it’s great to see that there are so many more resources for people to learn about this new evolving ecosystem 👌


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