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November 23, 2022

Accelerating Your Web3 Projects With Tokenomics

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Tokenomics changes how web3 startups scale.

But how does it work?

Here are the 20 tokenomics learning resources you need to know 🧵

What is tokenomics? (for newsletter audience)

It’s the token mechanism of a project.
Tokenomics tells how digital assets and platforms are structured,
how they function, and the economic incentives that drive them.

1. cofounder of @blaize_tech,@CoolishD, has elaborated the tokenomics mechanisms in this blog.

Also great analysis on motivations of players and investors.

2. Cryptoeconomics fundamentals by @NTmoney

3. Blockchains 101’s tokenomics courses teach fundamentals and current trends.

4. Token sales models by @VitalikButerin

5. Every Newsletter evaluates projects with tokenomics concepts.

Some good case study: @curvefinance and @convexfinance

6. One of smoothie articles inspired by @TaschaLabs is about tokenization.

Read this to know how utility tokens will work for your projects.

7. @wmougayar wrote this viral blog: Tokenomics — A Business Guide to Token Usage, Utility and Value

8. 5 things to look for in tokenomics by @TaschaLabs

9. @blockgks posted a series of YT videos about tokenomics.

10. @joincoinsider teaches ways to evaluate tokenomics

11. @coinbureau tells the secret of great tokenomics.

12. A book “Token Economy: How the Web3 reinvents the Internet” by Shermin Voshmgir is a good read.

@sherminvo summarizes blockchain networks and other distributed ledgers.

13. @AmeerRosic introduces Cryptocurrency Game Theory here.

14. Tokenomics: how we design them and why the token matters more than the money

15. Behavioral Crypto-Economics: The Challenge and Promise of Blockchain Incentive Design

16. This blog takes Bitcoin as an example to make sense of  “Cryptoeconomics”

17. Blockchain Research’s deep dive examines tokenomics through supply and demand.

18. @tokenomicsdao’s podcast explains how tokenomics design framework works.

19. @cburniske gets into the theories and calculation of Cryptoasset Valuations

20. The Token Classification Framework: A multi-dimensional tool for understanding and classifying crypto tokens.

Key takeaways:

There are many learning resources out there.
Upcoming new ideas can push web3 projects to go further!
Let’s go🔥


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