Top 13 NFT Analytical Tools in 2023

September 13, 2023

Use these tools before you buy NFTs.

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NFT ecosystem is filled with ups and downs.

How to make smart decisions?

Powerful platforms can help, 
they provide valuable insights and data.

Here are 13 NFT analytical tools 
you can choose!

1. Ninjalerts (@ninjalerts)

Ninjalerts provides NFT alerts, wallet and contract tracker, push notifications.

  • Track activity on any contract or wallet.
  • Available for iOS, Android and Chrome.
  • Free to use with upgrades available.

2. Nefertiti (@nefertiti_tech)

Nefertiti - NFT Wallet Tracker and Gem Explorer Track NFT projects.

  • Support real-time appraisals of 50M+ NFTs!
  • Analyze digital assets on various chains: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Tezos and Near.
  • Track your wallet using our Portfolio Tracker, that lets you monitor any web3 wallet and aggregate multiple wallets across different chains. Enterprise API to build your awesome Web3 app.

3. Unleash NFTs by bitsCrunch 

Unleash NFTs provide data-driven NFT insights

  • Wash trading detection: uses AI/ML to identify wash trading patterns in NFT transactions by scanning transfer history.
  • IP & Forgery detection: detects partial or total counterfeit NFTs, forged logos and brand identities to prevent users from fraud investments.
  • Price Analysis & Estimation: uses AI to accurately measure the true value of NFTs by determining key parameters.

4. NFTBull (@nftbullapp)

Master the NFT Landscape: Understand, Act, Monitor using NFTBull.

  • NFTBull is a top-tier NFT platform delivering profound on-chain and social insights with essential trade and portfolio tools.
  • Dive into unique analyses like sentiment perception, liquidity metrics, and holder observation, all backed by a robust set of trading instruments.

5. AlphaPanda (@AlphaPandaOne)

The Best NFT Shopping Hub; Always One Step Ahead and Smarter

AlphaPanda detects groundswells before they surface, giving investors the smartest and most insightful data analytics for upcoming and minting NFTs.

  • Marketing Insights. Analysis of potential user persona Whales. Investigation into the authentic engagement performance in Discord & Twitter communities.
  • Alpha Hype Index. Tracking the trend of NFT projects mentioned by Alpha Community, Investment DAOs, and Twitter & Discord group influencers.
  • First-hand Minting Info & Anti-spam. Minting FOMO Index; Top Minter Persona Analysis; All Mint Price Scatter Diagram; Assist you in making wise investment decisions.

6. NFT Price Floor (@nftpricefloor)

Discover NFTs with the best metrics in the market using NFT Price Floor.

  • A comprehensive platform: NFT Price Floor amalgamates data and protocols, guiding users to the pinnacle of NFT collections.
  • Beyond just tokens: Envision a decentralized creator economy. An open gateway to the vast NFT realm is vital.

7. Floor (@floor)

Floor is an iOS and Android mobile app that helps users access the NFT ecosystem easily.

  • A seamless experience: Floor’s app unravels the NFT universe, helping users comprehend, discover, and immerse in Web3 token communities.
  • Tried and Trusted: Serving 1,000+ users over the year, now downloadable on App Store 
& Play Store.

8. HelloMoon (@HelloMoon_io)

HelloMoon provides information on Solana DeFi & NFT analytics.

  • serves as an intuitive index for the Solana ecosystem, making it accessible and decipherable for all.
  • Dive Deep: Navigate through an extensive array of NFT collections, familiarize yourself with DeFi tokens, and get acquainted with established and emerging protocols within the Solana blockchain.
  • Connect & Engage: Seamlessly link your wallet to gain an overview of your assets. For developers, an API is available to monitor real-time on-chain actions.
  • Stay Informed: The platform identifies and tags wallets that actively participate, ensuring users are always in the loop.

9. Rarity Sniper (@RaritySniperNFT)

Rarity Sniper: Decoding Rarity Across Major Blockchains.

  • Specializing in determining the scarcity of NFTs, Rarity Sniper is your go-to platform for collections on Ethereum, Solana, and beyond.
  • Founded in 2021, its primary objective is to spotlight the rarest treasures in any NFT collection.
  • Stay Updated: Access information on the latest collections, imminent drops, and delve into real-time NFT news and statistical data.
  • For Developers: An all-inclusive tool to explore diverse collections and retrieve relevant statistical insights.

10. SolsWatch (@SolsWatch)

SolsWatch provides insights and charts on Solana NFT collections.

  • SolsWatch is your analytical companion, offering visual insights and detailed charts tailored for Solana's burgeoning NFT space.
  • Key Features: Users can keep tabs on current floor prices, delve into volume and historical listing data, and be the first to spot newly-introduced collections to marketplaces.

11. Moby Insights (@mobyinsights)

Moby Insights is an analytical tool that provides users with real-time NFT minting and sales insights.

  • Crafted to streamline the NFT discovery process, Moby Insights furnishes users with instantaneous minting and sales data.
  • Comprehensive Services: From tracking individual wallets, receiving alerts the moment they matter, to observing live price fluctuations, it's a holistic tool for every NFT enthusiast.

12. Oxalus (@OxalusWallet)

Oxalus is a one-stop platform, guiding users through emerging NFT projects, unlocking free minting opportunities, and revealing concealed NFT jewels scattered across multiple blockchains.

  • Analytical Prowess: Go beyond surface-level metrics. Engage with profound insights on market dimensions, supply numbers, and pricing strategies.
  • Community Connect: For those passionate about community nuances, Oxalus measures community ratings, monitors growth trajectories, and assesses engagement intensities, providing a rounded view of any project.

13. BitDegree (@BitDegree)

  • BitDegree has its finger on the pulse, currently monitoring 357 distinct NFT collections sourced from 3 pioneering protocols, all distributed across 58 diverse marketplaces.
  • Strategic Decision-making: Empowering users to make calculated choices swiftly.
  • Portfolio Management: Customize, build, and oversee your NFT collection, tracking the journey of your treasured assets effortlessly.


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