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December 21, 2022

What are innovative web3 products in 2022?

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Top 22 products from 2022 that people loved on Smoothie:(NFTs fractionalization, web3 CRM, DeFi yield platform, Metaverse builders, cross-chain bridges, and more…)Keep reading 👇

Here are top 22 that people love the most:

1. Tropee  @tropee_nft

The world's 1st utility platform for NFT creators & holders
Tropee ****creates the easiest way to build exceptional IRL or digital utilities for your NFTs.
They got a peak of users to their platform during the smoothie campaign!

“I like to say that it's like the product hunt of web3, smoothie helped us to drive more awareness to our platform.”

2. Tiiik Money @tiiik_money

tiiik is a digital wallet that allows users to spend, send and earn stablecoins, all on one balance.
Earn up to 5% on your stablecoins. Watch your interest accrue every second and get paid daily.
Their traffic doubled on the day of smoothie campaign, which they use as a key marketing platform for the alpha launch.

“Smoothie was an effective way to gain exposure and attract new users, with the fast and professional customer service.“

3. Deso @desoprotocol

Deso is a Web3 Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram all on-chain.
DeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media and scale storage-heavy applications to billions of users.

“Overall it was a smooth process. I also do love the layout, design, and content you push out. ”

4. CharmVerse @CharmVerse

CharmVerse is a Web3 operations platform, a solution for token communities to build relationships, work together and vote.

“It is the #1 place to launch your web3 projects. 1700 web3-aware people voted for us. No better place to get early feedback from relevant users.”

5. Hashmail  @0x_hashmail

hashmail is your unified web3 mailbox.
With wallet addresses, users can send emails to each other. Not via Twitter or discord.

“Smoothie was a fantastic experience for hashmail, resulting in 1500 signups during the launch week, with a 300% increase in the avg daily customer”

6. Talent protocol @TalentProtocol

Talent Protocol is the web3 professional community and platform for high-potential builders,
where they can build their verifiable on-chain resume and find the support they need to succeed.

7. @B_A_D_Hood

B.A.D Hood is a Web3 native NFT community, focusing on global trends and closely linked to trends and blockchain, tradition, and encryption sector.

8. @knoknok_elf

The Knoknok team is building a play-to-earn and social-to-earn decentralized mobile platform.
Players can build their own SPACE, monetize their gaming and social experiences, and earn KKC tokens - the main utility token of the Knoknok metaverse.

9. @AcrossProtocol

Across Protocol is a cross-chain bridge that prides itself on its speed, security and low fees.
They have processed 669K+ transactions worth 1B+.

10. @phi_xyz

In Phi, you can build your own Web3 world with wallet activities.
The features of Phi include land ownership, web3 identity, and unique objects.

11. @ninjalerts

Ninjalerts do NFT alerts, wallet and contract trackers, and push notifications, helping users aware of the hottest projects and what whales and influencers buy.
It has sent 21M+ alerts to 10K+ devices in a year.

12. @deworkxyz

Dework is the largest web3-native Trello + Web3-native Fiverr.
It provides services like managing tasks and bounties, finding the right contributors, and built-in bounties workflow.

13. @_joinfire

Fire shows you what happens at the smart contract level in a human-readable format.It simulates a transaction before you sign with your wallet, giving you visibility into exactly what you're signing.

14. @join_hyve

HYVE is the largest web3 freelancing marketplace.
It connects freelance and enterprises in web3.
It also provides a marketplace for users to incubate and showcase their products.

15. @odyssey_dao

Odyssey DAO features quality, free web3 education.
They created an easy and delightful learning path to boost web3 adoption.

16. @DustSweeperDAO

It cleans out small token balances and swap for ETH with minimal gas!Users just have to approve the tokens they’d like to sell, and “market taker” bots execute the swap.

17. @frensplace

frens ****makes Web3 communities bigger and stronger.
It is building the next generation of web3 community growth software by facilitating collaboration.

18. @getbitscrypto

Automatically rounds your purchases to the next dollar to buy cryptocurrency.
Set up automatic investments at regular intervals within the Bits app to strengthen the value of your micro-investments.

19. @MndlndOfficial

Mindland is a Meditate-&-Earn App built by the community.
Meditate, earn crypto, & access evidence-based meditation guides.

20. @erabound_inc

Erabound is a powerful visualized no-code blockchain-agnostic Web3 dApp builder for artists.
Their no-code tool's mission is to greatly reduce the friction of building dApps on Web3

21. @ClipFinance

Clip Finance simplifies access to DeFi yields.
It optimizes and rebalances based on real-time performance, featuring an effortless, risk-managed Defi yields.

22. @NibblNFT

Nibbl is a DeFi-native fractionalization platform that is revolutionizing community NFT ownership.
They design fractionalization specifically for creators, collectors and token holders.


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