Top 26 VCs For Web3 Founders

November 30, 2022

Pick the right VC for your startup

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$23B+ was invested into web3 in 2022.

Who are top VCs in the space?

Here are 26 to know:

1. Paradigm @paradigm

Paradigm backs disruptive crypto/Web3 companies and protocols
They take a hands-on approach to help projects reach their full potential, from the technical (mechanism design, smart contract security, engineering) to the operational (recruiting, regulatory strategy).

2. a16z Crypto @a16zcrypto

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology.

3. Pantera Capital @PanteraCapital

Pantera Capital actively invests in the infrastructure of the blockchain ecosystem, like exchanges, custodians, and DeFi.

4. Coinbase Ventures @cbventures

It supports exceptional founders working to advance crypto & web3.
They have 400+ investments in 4 years!

5. Polychain Capital @polychaincap

Polychain looks for companies enabling create, issue, and transmit blockchain-based digital assets.
Like @LiquityProtocol and @infinity_swap.

6. Dragonfly Capital

Dragonfly Capital is built by crypto natives who have been investing and building for 10+ years.
It focuses on DeFi, CeFi, infrastructure and NFT, like @hashflow, @WOOnetwork and @cosmos.

7. Sequoia @sequoia

Sequoia Capital, a 50-year-old venture firm, invests in seed-, early-, and growth-stage technology companies.

8. Variant Fund @variantfund

Variant is an early-stage fund investing in web3.

9. Electric Capital @ElectricCapital

Electric Capital is an early-stage venture firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech, and marketplaces.

10. Multicoin Capital @multicoincap

A thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies. Read their blog for the best research and insights in crypto.

11. Blockchain Capital @blockchaincap

Blockchain Capital is a venture firm in the blockchain industry.
In the last 9 years, they have made over 160 investments in companies and protocols in the sector.

12. Spartan Group @TheSpartanGroup

Spartan Group does investment, advising, and building.
They manage 3 funds on liquid token, DeFi, and Metaverse & Gaming.
They are also an in-house venture studio to co-build with web3 founders.

13. Binance Labs @BinanceLabs

Binance Labs invests in technical teams that build and support the decentralized web.
They have invested in 200+ projects in 3 years.

14. Animoca Brands @animocabrands

They aim to deliver Digital Property Rights to the world's gamers & Internet users.
Animoca Brands has a growing portfolio of more than 380 investments, including @AxieInfinity and @staratlas.

15. Framework Ventures @hiFramework

They partner with founders and teams to build token-based networks and develop the cryptoeconomics.
Their companies include @AaveAave and @zapper_fi.

16. Jump Crypto @jump_

Jump Crypto takes a long-term view of crypto's prospects and operates to unlock potential of community-driven networks
and @xNFT_Backpack are two of their portfolios.

17. Lightspeed Ventures @lightspeedvp

Lightspeed Venture Partners is a multi-stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations.
They debuted Lightspeed Faction to build on a 9-year history of backing blockchain infrastructure.

18. AllianceDAO @alliancedao

They aim at accelerating the world's transition to Web3, achieving 1 billion users by 2025.
Alliance DAO offers accelerator programs to boost crypto projects.

19. GSR

GSR Ventures is now one of the world's most successful early-stage venture firms, with over $3 billion under management.
They particularly look for early-stage technology companies developing AI-enabled enterprise software, consumer platforms, and healthcare technology.

20. Shima Capital @shimacapital

Shima Capital is an early-stage global venture firm focused on supporting cutting-edge blockchain startups.
They invested in @thirdwaveishere and @MonkeyKingdom

21. Delphi Digital @Delphi_Digital

Delphi Digital is an in-depth research platform dedicated to crypto & digital assets.
They assess projects down to their minute details

22. Arrington Capital @arringtonXRPcap

Arrington Capital is a thesis-driven firm investing in digital assets and web3 since 2017.
Their portfolios include @Levana_protocol and @whatsyouryat

23. Solana Ventures @SolanaVentures

Solana Ventures plan to accelerate the growth of the Solana blockchain and adjacent ecosystems.
Their fund centers on topics ranging from technical questions, integrating Solana, ideating on tokens and connecting teams to existing resources in the Solana ecosystem.

24. Dapper Labs @dapperlabs

Dapper Labs let you experience it for yourself.
@telliesite and @CryptoKitties are their invested companies.

25. Tribe Capital @tribecap

They are a $1.5B+ AUM VC firm focused on capturing a perpetual edge in venture and crypto using data science.

26. Lattice Capital

Lattice is an early-stage crypto VC that helps founders build defensible moats.
Their approach is that $500K-$1.5M checks into early Web3 companies.

More resources for VCs in general (web3+web2) by @Priyanka_Vaz here:

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1. Women angels / Investors

2. Angels & Syndicates

3. Media investors

4. Smoothie raised $1.2M in Sept 2022.

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Key takeaway:

Funding raising is not just for capital, but also insights and visions.
Most web3 investors are crypto veterans.
With right choice and great research, you can gain values from them in turn.


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