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November 2, 2022

Find a great tool to boost products

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The market for web3 growth tools are changing πŸš€

Here are 24 web3 growth startups you need to know:


Web3 projects need a quality, active community.

1. @Safaryclub

Safary is a community of the top growth leaders in web3. Members work together
to analyze metrics and reverse engineer web3 growth tactics seen in the wild.

2. @jumperstweeting

Web3 community for marketers at leading agencies, brands, DAOs, & startups.

3. @myosin_xyz

Thriving as a decentralized organization itself, Myosin creates web3 user acquisition tools.
The tool enables marketers to identify tokens and NFTs that members are holding and prioritize projects their community like most.

Ad Networks

web3 marketing will find you the potential audience.

4. @Quest3_xyz

Quest3 is a marketing tool collection for web3 project growth.
It has 40+ quest and event templates for free, both on-chain and off-chain.

5. @acqr_co

ACQR is an on-chain marketing and user acquisition platform.
They create tools that make it easy for web2 & web3 projects to bootstrap their community.

6. @PymeID

Pyme is a leading web3 platform for access to exclusive digital rewards

7. AffiliateDAO

AffiliateDAO is a web3 community accelerator.It helps web2 community transfer into web3.

8. @WOM_protocol

The WOM Protocol is a brand new user-generated marketing channel.
It leverages the marketing via honest word-of-mouth recommendations.

9. @bitmedia_io

Bitmedia is a decentralized crypto Ad marketplace.
They have Sold more than 2 000 BTC worth of ads in 2018 and have more than 7000 active publishers joined.

10. @adsbycoinzilla

Coinzilla works with top websites from the finance & cryptocurrency industry to provide high ROI.
It has helped over 20,000 publishers monetize their websites and advertised over 200 brands

11. @AmbireAdEx

Ambire offers decentralized solution for digital advertising that improves transparency.

12. @AdDragonCo

It is the world’s first DeFi advertising platform and has grown into a top online marketplace for crypto display ads.
They provide a privacy-focused, free advertising marketplace with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

13. @PermissionIO

Permission is a tokenized Web3 advertising platform.
It enables advertisers to offer consumers crypto rewards for their data and engagement.

14. @gohypelab

HypeLab helps web3 advertisers with scalable distribution and user acquisition.
They also monetize platforms for web3 publishers.


Analytics helps projects track what went well, what didn't.

15. @CarmaCommunity

Carma is a company built for Web3 communities.
They empower projects with the data they need to reward their earliest supporters and grow their community.

16. @_ThirdSociety

Third Society drives insights from platforms.
They help projects throw better parties, establish the right partnerships, and engage with the most active members.

17. @merlindotxyz

They map wallet journeys, curate incentive campaigns, and augment off-chain data to supercharge marketing and product strategy.

18. @DefinitiveIO

Definitive is a easy-to-use platform that enables web3 teams to understand user behavior, drive growth, and increase retention.

19. @privy_io

Privy is a simple API that enables you to manage user data off-chain (e.g. their name, email address or KYC information).
They bridge web2 and web3 data, and handle storage, encryption, and access control.

20. @thirdwavelabs

‍Thirdwave enables you to understand, find, and retain your best customers.
The blockchain discovery engine connecting people with the games, projects, and communities they love.


Footprint enables free analytics for NFT, GameFi, and cross-chain data.
You can explore community-built analysis and create charts with no code required.

Incentives / Rewards

22. @Galxe

Galxe is a collaborative credential infrastructure.
Projects can give away credentials as records of activities, reputation, and accomplishment.

23. @layer3xyz

Layer3 helps you reach, acquire, and retain users with powerful, interactive experiences.

More incentives tools:






Project Discovery

24. @withsmoothie

Smoothie is a discover-to-earn awards platform for web3 projects.
People upvote for their favorite crypto startups.

25. @joinrugless

A review platform for the metaverse, enabling you to make better decisions in web3.

26. @BarracudaIO

A tool to create a free, custom link-in-bio page for your web3 community.
And it helps you share your official links, integrate your favorite web3 tools, drive traffic, track clicks, and grow your community.

This thread is inspired by @Safaryclub and @jkey_eth.
Here is is complete thread about the Web3 Growth Technology Landscape:https://twitter.com/Safaryclub/status/1580235410147377158

Key takeaway:

Stay tuned with smoothie to know more web3 projects.



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