What Do Social Networks Look Like In A Decentralized World?

November 16, 2021

A social network without a central authority like Facebook (Meta) or Twitter.

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At any moment, Twitter can remove your post.

Maybe even ban your account.

Why are they allowed to do that?

Social media is currently "centralized".

But that may change soon.

What Is A Decentralized Social Network?

A social network without a central authority like Facebook (Meta 🤔) or Twitter.

Instead, information will be stored in decentralized servers across networks.

No company can decide what's trending or remove your post.

That decision is up to the users. The people who are actually using the platform.

Users will be able to control their data instead of companies collecting user data and targeting them with ads.

The Fediverse Is More Connected

Things will be better connected to make the fediverse.

The fediverse (federated universe) is decentralized with everything interconnected.

For example, Facebook and Twitter are not federated networks because users cannot communicate to each other across platforms.

Email is a federated network because Gmail and Yahoo users can still communicate.


Mastodon is like Twitter, but it's not controlled by a single company. It's an open-source project.

Users can use their code to set up their own Mastodon server, which is called an Instance.

They can then set their own rules for their server.

If you don't like the rules, you can create your own server.

The best part? Users from one server can communicate to users from other servers.

Companies to Watch:

Mastodon - A federated, self-hosted social networking site with distinctly hosted and operated user nodes

Bluesky - Twitter's open-source project to build a decentralized standard for social media

Deso - A layer-1 blockchain built to scale decentralized social applications

Steemit – A blockchain social blogging site that rewards users for producing and curating content

Bitclout - A social media where users can buy and sell "creator coins"

Indorse – A site for professionals that requires proof of skills and is based on a rewards system

DTube – A decentralized platform for sharing videos

SocialX – Allows users to share pictures and videos in exchange for cryptocurrency

Peepeth – A network that promotes activism and thoughtful content

3 Decentralized Social Opportunities:

1. Participate or create your own Mastodon server.

Experience what a decentralized social network is like. What rules are the best fit for you?

2. Social network as a service.

This is a new concept for businesses. You can create social network servers for them and help manage their community. What are the best practices in this decentralized social world?

3. Tools to help users manage their servers.

These new social network servers will grow and become complicated. How can you can help users manage their servers with apps or plugins.








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