What Will New No-Code Solutions Really Be Able To Do For Startups?

September 28, 2021

How tools like Bubble.io can build the next generation of startups.

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What Will New No-Code Solutions Really Be Able To Do For Startups?
"I want to build the next Amazon...but I don't know how to code."  For all the non-technical people. And even technical people.  Let me introduce you to No-Code.
### **What is No-Code?**  No-Code tools allow people to build software without needing to write a single line of code.  These tools typically have user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop functionalities.  They're significantly faster and cheaper than coding.
Writing code and debugging might take hours or days. No-Code can get it done in minutes.  A classic example is [Shopify](https://www.shopify.com/). Anyone can build an e-commerce site now!
### No-Code Tools Are Insane  Many people think that the capabilities of No-Code are limited.
That's what I thought too.  But when we looked into it, we were blown away by what No-Code tools can do these days.  For example, [Bubble.io](http://bubble.io) teaches you how to build any web app without coding.  You can even build an Airbnb with Bubble!
No-Code isn't limited to just non-technical people.  One of our Smoothie readers told us that he builds all his new ideas through no-code before coding anything.  This saves him a lot of time. As a result, he can spend more time talking to users and iterating.  After testing the initial prototypes, he starts writing his first lines of code.
### Companies to watch:  - [Webflow](https://webflow.com/): Web - [Bubble](https://bubble.io/): Web - [Softr](https://www.softr.io/): Web - [Leadpages](https://www.leadpages.com/): Landing pages - [Adalo](https://www.adalo.com/): Mobile - [Glide](https://www.glideapps.com/): Mobile
- [Studio:](https://studio.design/) Web design - [Buildbox](https://www.buildbox.com/): Video games - [Upqork](https://www.unqork.com/): Enterprise - [Bildr](https://www.bildr.com/): SaaS, chrome extensions, etc - [No-Code Cycle:](https://www.nocodecycle.com/) Marketplace for No-Code projects
### We Predict That...  More people will continue to use No-Code tools. The speed and efficiency give it a competitive advantage over those who don't use it. It will become the standard for building.  More startups will be created as non-technical founders will be able to build technical businesses.
The next level of No-Code will leverage AI. For example, AI like GPT-3 will allow you to just speak out loud what you want built, and it will produce the code. "I want a button here that shows users the latest Smoothie article!"
### 4 No-Code **Opportunities:**  - **Build:** Learned No-Code for yourself and build awesome products - **Education:** There will be a growing demand for learning No-Code. There are resources like [#100DaysOfNoCode](https://www.100daysofnocode.com/) or individuals making [cohort-based courses](https://www.makerpad.co/course/no-code-fundamentals-getting-started-with-no-code). What other opportunities are there to teach people at scale?
- **Consulting / Agencies:** Become the expert in No-Code and help other businesses. Many will realize the value of No-Code but won't know how to effective use it in their organization. A great chance to build your own business. - **No-Code Blockchain:** What is the next level of No-Code? Someone needs to make a solution that can build blockchain products and smart contracts with No-Code.

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