What's in VC Wallets?

June 1, 2023

Top Crypto VCs Holdings to Watch

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Curious about the top crypto VCs' wallet holdings?

Let's dive in and see where they're placing their bets!

The thread is inspired by @pangestu_karon, founder of @launchy_

This data is from @ArkhamIntel's dashboard.

It keeps track of select crypto VCs’ wallets.


  • Focus on ETH (US$184M)) and LDO (US$149M)
  • All in on ETH staking and LSD protocols


  • DeFi heavyweights like UNI(US$82M)
  • Known for active DAO governance participation


  • Diversified: ETH (US$23M), USD stablecoins(US$22M), BTC(US$10M)
  • Standard index-like exposure to crypto markets


  • GALA(US$11M), USDC(US$10M) and HFT(US$8M) in focus
  • GALA is a utility token used in the Gala Games ecosystem where players can play to earn.
  • HFT is a cross chain swap.


  • ETH (US$13M)and CBETH (US$34M)on the radar
  • Embracing the ETH staking narrative


  • Heavily holding in C98 (US$2M), BETA (US$1M), and GAL (US$1M)
  • C98 is a DeFi protocol started in Vietnam and has a big focus in Southeast Asia.
  • BETA is money market DeFi protocol for borrowing and lending crypto assets.
  • GAL is the token of Galxe, a DAO building web3 communities with on-chain credentials and NFT integrations.


  • NXM (US$8M)and MKR (US$9M) take center stage.
  • MKR is a leading stablecoin protocol (DAI)
  • NXM is a DeFi insurance platform.


  • COMP (US$12M) and ROOK (US$5M) lead the way.
  • COMP is a leading lending protocol.
  • ROOK is a neutral MEV marketplace.


  • CQT(US$10M) is their focus.
  • Covalent is a blockchain data provider that supports queries and infrastructure for 60+ blockchains.
  • The CQT token is mainly used for governance and staking.


  • ETH (US$24M)and stETH (US$4M) in the spotlight
  • Fully committed to ETH staking


  • ETH (US$20M), MATIC (US$18M), AAVE (US$16M), and UNI (US$14M)
  • Blue-chip holdings in ETH and DeFi protocols


  • BGB (US$23M) and LDO (US$22M) investments
  • BGB is the native token of Bitget exchange, which has been expanding aggressively in recent months. Dragonfly invested $10M in Bitget in April 2023.


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