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October 26, 2022

Here is a new workflow for DAO operators

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DAOs are the future of companies.

@deworkxyz talked to 100+ DAO operators.

And here’s what they found:

1. Working in DAOs is flexible:

- no more long recruiting processes to find value-aligned contributors
- scaling up/ down for DAO objectives is easy
- work output > time input

2. But the nature of DAO, the bottom-up workflow, has drawbacks too:

- hard to get people consistently work on useful stuff
- not sure who’s the right person for the job
- onboarding process takes forever

3. A new model called Role-based workflow could work.

What’s a role in DAOs?
- It gives one certain access to do things, but not mandatory.

1. This workflow enables granular role-based access control.

Members can self-select specific roles in servers, and the ROLES become accumulated stamps of approval that members can earn.
You prove yourself trustworthy and competent in that role.

2. Roles are usually most well-defined in Discord.

Also in various applications now: spreadsheets, Notion workspaces, Treasury mgmt apps, and DAO tools like @guildxyz.
DAO contributors accumulate local reputation and access to their Discord server.
But what if the role-gating process is structured in work management tooling in the first place?

4. Role Gating by @deworkxyz

Work is broken down into Projects and tasks.
The tool defines which role grants you certain work access.
DAO operators can control who should get access to what work by the roles.

5. A key to using Roles is to make them granular and ranked.


a clear and precise JD.
eg, design, frontend dev


put “levels” in the game. a gradual reputation building helps you learn who/how much you can trust.
eg, Community L3, SmartContracts L1

6. How to set up the role-based workflow

1. you create tasks, bounties and projects
2. gate them to the appropriate level
3. allow contributors with those levels to claim those workflows and start the work

7. How can contributors step up ranks?

Claim the roles that are available for L1, then L2, and continue!
communities will be able to see which contributors make more contribution.
Through the role center, contributors get a clear picture of the role, and DAO operators know who to go to for specific tasks.

8. The road ahead for roles in DAOs:

- Globally recognizable roles
contributors vetting process can be standardized.

- Vision alignment will be represented through roles.
High involvement, high efficiency.

- Combining multiple roles
Ex: proficiency role from guild X + vision alignment role from DAO Y = role Z

9. This thread is inspired by @deworkxyz.

And @deworkxyz will collaborate with @guildxyz to realize the function of setting quantitative rules for contributors!
Looking forward to the tool’s debut.

10. @withsmoothie is a discover-to-earn awards platform for web3 projects.

We discover great stuff in web3 and supercharge web3 projects.
Stay tuned.

Key takeaway:

As DAOs grow to a certain scale, management wisdom and tools are needed.
These Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are reflecting the future society.
They might replace the way in which we see companies today.


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